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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Finally I am a member of Decathlon

Yesterday I got membership of Decathlon, a well known one stop shopping mall for A to Z sports items.

Decathlon are the worlds largest Sports Retailer. It was founded in 1976, in France and they have stores across the world. They provide world class products both for enthusiastic beginners as well as passionate professionals at an affordable prices.

The membership of Decathlon is given to only to those representing shops /firms /Companies /housing societies and the admission form has to be authorised by the relevant body along with a copy of any VAT / service tax/ registration certificate of the said body.

My being as a consultant, my good Rotarian friend Shri.Ajay Bansal (His father owns a Printing firm) was kind enough to provide me all the support and assistance in getting membership registered in my name under their firm.

Membership of Decathlon enables one to buy a host of quality sports related products ( at reasonable price.

Thanks Ajay.


Gud job :)
Quite an achievement!
Best Regards

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