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Friday, January 10, 2014

Goa Cycling Expedition - December 2013

8 days Goa Cycling expedition trip was held from 24 Dec to 31 Dec 2013. The expedition was organized by YHAI (Youth Hostel Association of India).

Average ride was around 45 kms per day. As most of us have pedalled an average 100 kms per day does not 45 kms per day looks too easy?.But if you think so, you are absolutely wrong. These 45 kms per day is not on tar road all the time. While one day you go pedalling gruelling 26 kms on the beautiful beaches of Goa, on the other day you pedal through thick forest area on a muddy road with tree branches fallen on the roads. When you pedal to beautiful Dudh sagar water falls, you realise the role of MTB (Mountain Type Bike) as you pedal through stones, pebbles and marshy roads and cross through 4-5 water streams.

YHAI had made excellent itinerary for expedition which includes country sides of Goa besides well planned stay & food arrangements for the participants which really brings excellent fellowship amongst participants. There was a Guide and a Bicycle mechanic with us throughout the trip.  We also went through orientation program about cycling, its various parts, maintenance and tips on safe cycling besides taking a joy ride in Goacity.  On rest of the days we pedalled through beautiful beaches, crossed beautiful rivers using Jetties, pedalled through thick forest areas, muddy and marshy roads, through the water streams & long stretches inviting you with only stones and pebbles.

On the whole Goa Cycling expedition leaves you with a joyful, memorable, challenging and enchanting experience and above all value for money. Please find below some of the photographs taken during the trip.