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Saturday, September 18, 2010


It is almost an year and half since I bought my Firefox Roadpro 0050 road bicycle. Since then I have pedalled more than 4000 kms and for the last couple of months its bottom bearing had shown signs of wear & tear. As bottom bearing for my bicycle was not available any where in Bangalore, I directly got in touch with H.O of Firefox Bikes Pvt Ltd., Noida and procured new bottom bearing which was couriered to me by the Company. I received the consignment just a week ago.

Today I got the bearing changed thru' my regular mechanic (Nadeem) and my bicycle has now become quite stable while pedalling. I have now planned to ride from Bangalore to Puttaparti covering a distance of around 155 kms in a single day, stay for the night at Puttaparti and return next day to Bangalore thru' Volvo bus. This trip is again part of my preparation for another long trip I have planned during later part of this year.


Dear Arjee!
Wishing you a pleasant pedaling ride!
Best wishes
Pejathaya S M

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