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Monday, September 20, 2010

Bicycle license

One would wonder what is this bicycle license?

Well! It is nothing but an approval / license to be obtained by all complying cyclist husbands from their wives before they embark upon a long bicycle journey. This was echoed by my well wisher and good friend Mr.Pejathaya who had recommended to me that I should obtain bicycle license from my Yajamanthi.. i.e. my wife before I proceed on any long bicycle journey.

Last year when I had shared with my wife about my undertaking 1800 kms bicycle journey, she had stopped talking to me for about a week and dissuaded me in all possible ways so that I remove the thought of such long journey. It was only after she realised my determination and assurance that during my journey at any point in time, if I feel weakness in my body (as opposed to tiredness which one can overcome with rest) or develop a symptom of flue then I would suspend my journey forthwith and return home packing my bicycle in a bus or any vehicle that she gave her approval /license for my journey.

Getting Bicycle license is more difficult than obtaining LL (Learning License) or DL (Driving License) from RTO.

This morning when my wife was in good mood I shared with her about my plan to go to Puttaparthi on my bicycle. Her reaction this time was not that bad and I continued with my preparation throughout the day. I would consider that I have obtained Bicycle license for my journey.

So, next time, all complying cyclist husbands, if you are planning to go on long bicycle tour do not forget to obtain Bicycle License from your wives....


haha so true..but in my case absence of not getting the Motor vehicle license is causing me not to get a bicycle license..its interlinked :)
I love the issuing authority though ur foto in the bicycle looks like a bruised and tired husband ;)
Happy are the Bachelor boys!
I was one forty years back!

Since forty years my cycling license is suspended for good.
I live with my cycling memories.

Dear Arjee!
You are extremely fortunate. My salutes to your home minister.

Happy pedaling!

Best regards

Pejathaya S M
This is a lovely write up. So true about license from wife ;)
Which bike 🚲 u used? Make & model please......

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