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Monday, November 7, 2016

Cycling in Connecticut, US - July 2016 to Oct 2016

Cycling in US that too in and around Connecticut State in US is dream come true. Before winter snow sets in, the trees particularly their leaves takes its own toll and turns into different colors and finally falls down. This season is best known as fall season and tourists throng at all the places in and around Connecticut to take spectacular view of falls.

Green is life & oxygen and hence, green leaves represent life. While, leaves falling down are old and have completed their life, people love and come to watch them for their varied colors. When we apply this analogy to life, we should see colors when we grow old and no one should regret when we depart like colourful leaves falling down. In fact it is salvation for the departed soul.

I really had wonderful time cycling in and around Connecticut during this time when it is colourful everywhere and one can see beauty with beds of colourful leaves falling down in many places.

I came to US in July 2016. Although I went on cycling to many areas on many occasion during the last 4 months in US, cycling in October 2016 in and around Rocky Hill area in Connecticut where I was staying with my daughter was really memorable considering fall season as mentioned above.

Few photographs and video shown below brings out the beauty of cycling during this time.


I have been in US for the last 4 months. Although I would have loved to cycle most part of my stay, I could not do that as my son-in-law Deepak would go to office every day on his bicycle. It was only once a week when he had to attend early morning meeting that he would go by car and bicycle was available to me for use. Therefore, to keep myself fit, I had to look at alternative and got into playing tennis in the evening. As part of my daily routine of playing tennis, I made few friends like Mani, Nagendra, Satish, Mudassar, Pawan, Senthil & Oli with whom I would play in the evening. All of them are young and I really felt young playing with them.

 Beautiful tennis court at Glenbrooke Apartment complex, Rocky Hill, Connecticut

I wish to record here my close association with Manimozhian Mathiyalagan (Mani) who was playing tennis with me for the last 4 months almost every day. Both of us had wonderful and memorable time and playing tennis particularly helped me in burning my calories and keeping my belly in shape. 

With Mani & Nagendra

With Mani & Satish

They were also kind enough to give a party before I leave US and all of us had great time together. Given below are photographs that I took along with my tennis friends the day they gave a party.

 Along with Nagendra, Pawan, Satish & Mani 

ALong with Nagendra, Satish & Mani


Great. You are looking perfectly fit Bhat.In your next visit pls hire or buy a bicycle (could be second hand) & enjoy.
Very nice to see ...hear....about your stay in US Bhat saab..I hope you are back in India ..... in more trimed version,energetic n colourful like our new 2000 currency.......Haa....haa....haa...
Excellent post - very inspiring. I like the analogy of falling leaves to falling age...we all have so much to learn, and age is no bar. I have started cycling getting inspired by you. kudos to your spirit and enthusiasm.
You are the most enthusiastic member of our group... Awesome blog. Keep it up.
It is really great experience to part of your team sir . Hope we will meet again in the same tennis court . All the best and happy journey sir.

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